Atari Token Launch Takes iGaming into the Metaverse

Atari Token

The Atari Group is one of the best gaming companies behind classic video games like Pong and Pac-Man. It’s launching the “ATRI Token” for its crypto-casino into the Metaverse, the online gaming industry’s new play-spot.

This open-world experience will allow casino players to engage in several games while exploring a beautiful and realistic environment.

Why the Atari Token was launched

The token’s goal is to establish itself as the preferred cryptocurrency for gaming enthusiasts. It can be used as a deposit option for avatar-based environments. Additionally, all bets for online casino gaming in Atari’s Metaverse will also be accepted in ATRI tokens, and winnings are paid through the same means.

One of the advantages of this step to its users is that no tax is levied on cryptocurrency wins. That’s because the currency is decentralized, or there is no government that owns it. The move will also allow developers and publishers to access new monetization options. Hence, more smart contracts will be brought into the gaming universe.

Building Las Vegas for crypto-casino gaming

Atari has partnered with Decentral Games to build a crypto-casino that will offer an arcade of games in its cyber gaming city. Users will find nostalgic titles and new luck in this virtual environment. They also have the chance of winning a unique set of digital cards often referred to as Non-Fungible Tokens.

The current groups are expected to include about 100 million NFTs. Playable characters will be customized depending on the user. They have even created a blockchain division to leverage the rich opportunities of crypto trading and synergies between betting and cryptocurrency.

This project is expected to use Polygons or the Layer 2 solution to counter high gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain. Because Atari has been there for decades, it will likely attract at least a holder crowd to its services.

$ATRI Token

This token is primarily used on the Atari casino to access the numerous NTF libraries. That means the user has access to different Slots, Roulette, Poker, and other complete range of games.

$ATRI is an Ethereum token product built to power the Decentraland metaverse. Atari Chain Digital wallet provides payment support by connecting to the blockchain. The Chain is part of a collaboration between ICIB and Atari.

It integrates the ATRI directly into the developer’s game to make it useful in the interactive entertainment environment. The developers will also be able to create Atri-branded blockchain games as stipulated by the licensing agreements. As a result, the company’s awareness among the Metaverse news will increase and embrace the burgeoning crypto sector.


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