A Complete Guide To Google’s SERP Features 2020

Anyone or company who offer their professional services or content with an online basis ought to know that it is extremely essential for their website’s name to look towards the top of looking result or on page one from the Search results. They require a good SERP or Internet Search Engine Search Engines ranking.

What’s SERP?

SERP is certainly not however a search list which seems whenever we look for something on the internet. Their email list generally contains products on the climbing down foundation of relevancy. The ranking is processed on numerous factors such as traffic, achieve, visibility, keywords used, and much more. We should always have a check up on our Google ranking with specialized SERP tools for example WMS SERP API.

Based on the rankings, the business will be able to develop efficient and effective Search engine optimization techniques which may enable them to improve their rankings combined with the visibility and traffic from the website.

To be able to get more users to your website, you have to correctly optimize your website. To optimize your website, you have to be aware of the several SERP features. SERP features are frequently accustomed to smoothen the browsing experience with a person.

The very best SERP Features

Following is a summary of SERP features which you’ll inculcate in your site to achieve increased traffic and rankings:


Images or pictures are among the best ways to seize a user’s attention. However for proper optimization from the image, you have to keep some things in your mind. You’ll want an innovative and innovative file name.

An alt tag is really a short description from the particular image and therefore ought to be applied appropriately for an image. Also, make certain the image isn’t huge in dimensions, because it will have an effect on the loading speed of the site.


Videos are another tool to seize a user’s attention instantly. You can include and optimize videos in your site to get a better SERP. Your video should have a suitable video transcript, that will easily enable you to get many users in addition to certain bots.

Also, add appropriate and inventive description and title for your videos by emphasizing around the relevant and trending keywords.

Local Pack

A nearby pack is certainly not however a description of the company’s name, duration of opening/closing, phone number, and testimonials.

To look around the local pack on the internet, you have to register with GMB or Google My Company. Once you have registered, you are able to optimize your website with the addition of local citations, reviews, and a summary of areas that you simply serve.


With this SERP feature, you must have an energetic twitter account. Within this feature, whenever your internet site is looked, google’s results can have a number of your top tweets towards the user.

Top Tales

To get featured on page one of Google, like many top news tales, you must have a really strong Search engine optimization driven and enhanced site.

You have to apply all of the relevant keywords and arrange these questions coherent manner in your site. It is among the hardest yet the best way to improve traffic along with your Google rankings.

Understanding Card and Understanding Graph

A understanding card is a kind of answer which will come towards the top of google’s search engine results each time a user asks an issue. Similarly, a understanding graph is brief specifics of the user’s search.

It can include an account of the person, factor, location, or business.


For your podcasts to feature on top of looking results, you have to use the same techniques that you requested images and videos. Also, based on the query from the user, Google would instantly highlight a particular area of the podcast. This is actually the part that addresses the query. With this, you have to correctly optimize your podcasts.

Google Ads

This is among the most typical techniques to achieve greater SERP by appearing towards the top from the search engine results. However, this isn’t regarded as a really organic method to achieve traffic.

With this, you have to register yourself with Google Ads after which operate a campaign accordingly. Also, the information from the site must match the theme from the ad.

Featured tales

This is among the most typical and extensively used SERP as of this moment. Whenever a user looks for a question, it directly shows them the reply to their query without really showing them the particular article.

You must have proper keyword optimization and will be able to use various Search engine optimization techniques efficiently.

‘People also look for.’

Within this feature, each time a user looks for a question, they’ll always get the site within the ‘people also search for’ section. This is a reasonably helpful SERP feature like a user will invariably see your website within the recommendations should you optimize keywords around a particular theme.

SERP features are updated nearly every year using the motive to boost a user’s browsing experience, in addition to boost the traffic and rankings of the site.

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