A Basic Guide on Telecoms Services for Businesses

Business telecom services

Business telecoms services for business include business broadband, VoIP, and business mobile phones. Each of these services has been designed to provide businesses with budget deals as they purchase these services in large amounts as compared to households or small organizations. In order for businesses to get the best telecom service deals, they need to do extensive research, which can be time-consuming, but places such as utility bidder help businesses evaluate their options a lot faster.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Broadband

What Exactly Is Business Broadband?

Business broadband is known as a broadband connection that is set up in offices or workspaces. Generally speaking, business broadband packages are known to be more comprehensive than regular residential broadband. So, you can expect to have a broadband connection that is more secure, has a reliable connection, and has faster speed.

Why Should Businesses Get Business Broadband?

If you are running a business that is considered relatively large, then you should try getting a dedicated business broadband connection. There are a number of features that business broadband deals can provide you and may be essential to keep your business running well, such as:

  • Guarantee and Compensation

Best business broadband providers will pledge that they will give you the best connection backup to ensure that disruptions are minimized, and there is no inconvenience for the customers you serve.

Service guarantees in residential broadband do not have as much guarantee as business broadband. If the providers give guarantees in residential broadband, then the timeframe for the promise to get your broadband back up and running takes a longer time.

If an event occurs where business broadband is unable to get its systems back up in the time guaranteed, then you are entitled to compensation.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

If for any reason your business broadband connection goes down, then for every business, it is essential to get it back up as soon as possible, or else you could lose a ton of revenue in just a few minutes, and you could also lose a lot of good reputation. Thus, for this reason, business broadband usually offers around-the-clock service support to businesses, so if any problem occurs, businesses can contact the provider can get their system back up and running.

  • Prioritized Traffic for Business Broadband

There are many business broadband providers that prioritize the traffic of businesses over residential broadband consumers. This results in a speedy and quality connection that will not affect your customer’s experience.

  • Greater Security

If the home computer is hacked by any random person, it can be quite an inconvenience. But if you have business broadband and the network gets compromised, it could be a disaster for you and your customers. This is why business broadband services provide higher-grade security.

  • Router Made Specifically for Businesses

Business broadband routers are different from residential broadband routers. If you need to connect 10 to 12 computers to a service, then residential broadband will be sufficient enough for you. However, larger businesses need much stronger broadband connections as there may be over 1000+ employees in them. Thus, business broadband providers have special Wi-Fi routers for large businesses. These routers also provide a higher level of security which includes VPN servers, filter content, and a firewall.

  • IP Address Static

A residential broadband service provides its users with a dynamic IP address. This is known as a unique number that helps identify your computer. Your IP address changes every time you connect to the internet.

For business broadband deals, you are provided with a static IP address. This system allows you to use your connection to do specific business tasks related to day-to-day operations. With a static IP address, you can:

  • Host your own server, which is a vital part of every business as they need to receive large files. This also ensures that clients will be able to connect to your servers without any hindrance.
  • You can host your own website
  • You can remotely connect your computer to another staff’s computer.

Are Business Broadbands Faster Than Residential Broadbands?

Business broadbands are significantly faster than residential broadbands as they require strong internet connection and speed due to the number of servers they host, and the number of employees that use this connection is also quite large.

Why Are Residential Broadbands Cheaper Than Business Broadband?

While home broadband does seem relatively cheaper since it has lower monthly prices, it is actually just a false idea that people have. In the long run, Business broadband is a lot cheaper as they purchase their service in large amounts and have to pay for it yearly or after every few months.

For businesses getting several residential broadband connections actually results in having much more expenses which shows that overall, for such large organizations having residential broadband is not economical. However, the same also applies to residential broadband. If households start purchasing business broadbands, then it can be a hindrance for them as well, as they will have to pay a hefty amount for services that they did not even use half of. Thus, each of these offers best applies to the type of institution you are referring to.

Can People Run a Business from Home Get Business Broadband?

Business broadband is going to be a costly investment for anyone who is not running a relatively decent-sized business. If you are working from home and the work seems temporary, then getting business broadband is not a good option. However, if you plan on starting your business from home and will keep it lasting for the long run, then getting a business broadband connection is a good option for you. You will have the benefit of better security and greater bandwidth.


Business telecom services have allowed large organizations to provide their products and services to customers more efficiently. With the means to reach each customer, businesses no longer need to take long and expensive routes of communication as several telecom services provide businesses with deals that are both beneficial for them and their consumers.

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