8 Things You Should Know About Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba mate is one drink that has been around for thousands of years and is still here to stay. Though the beverage is available worldwide, it is widely consumed in South America. This post contains some of the fascinating facts about yerba mate tea. Note that some of the facts we will discuss are health-related.

  1. Yerba Mate is not Really Tea

For many years, many companies label yerba mate as a type of tea, but that might not be accurate. The main reason this mistake is made is that there is a need to relate something unknown to something known for easy studies.

The scientific name of the tea is Camellia sinensis and originates from Asia. The scientific name of this yerba mate is ilex paraguariensis and originates from South America. There are many things that are yet to be discovered about this herb, so it is a little too early to call it a type of tea.

  1. Contains Lots of Nutrients and Antioxidants

Yerba mate contains an array of plant nutrients that your body needs to function optimally. For example, it contains xanthines, which mainly act as stimulants. Xanthines include theobromine and caffeine, which can also be found in coffee, chocolate, and tea.

The tea also contains polyphenols, caffeoyl derivatives, and saponins. Compared to green tea, yerba mate tends to have a higher antioxidant power. The tea also contains amino acids and all other vitamins and minerals that are needed by the human body. Therefore, once you have placed your order from online tea and coffee shop, expect to get as many nutrients and vitamins as possible.

  1. Yerba Mate Needs More Study

There are many things to be discovered about yerba mate. Before mentioning the tons of health benefits, one could gain from consuming yerba mate, there needs to be substantial study around the beverage so that people find more reasons to use it.

At the time of writing, there is a notion that one risks getting throat cancer when they consume large volumes of yerba mate. A certain study was conducted in 2009 and concluded that there is a close relationship between drinking hot yerba mate and esophageal cancer.

  1. Might Improve Mental Focus

With yerba mate, you will be consuming around 85 mg of caffeine in every cup. This is an indication that compared to other beverages, it contains low levels of caffeine. This also means that the beverage, when consumed right, might boost your energy levels.

Caffeine might also be ideal for affecting the levels of signaling molecules within your brain, thereby boosting your mental focus. Those who take yerba on a regular basis claim that it improves their alertness, something that also happens when coffee is consumed.

  1. Might Help with Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the things that many people struggle with. Having too much fat in the body is not a good thing, which is why individuals are always trying to lose weight and stay fit. Though not everyone wants to lose weight, by taking yerba mate, losing shedding extra weight becomes easier.

A study was conducted among three individuals. These people took around three grams of yerba mate each day. After a few weeks, they lost a few pounds, which is a sure indication that the beverage might be used as a weight-loss supplement.

  1. It is More Than Just a Drink

Yerba mate is a South American tea that has been consumed for hundreds of years. It also has many health benefits, some of which have already been mentioned. Though this yerba mate is mostly consumed as a drink, it is helpful to get creative with it.

For instance, it is advisable to add some yerba mate to your cereals while they cook. It can also be used in smoothies and chai puddings to enhance flavor and give you the health benefits you deserve.

  1. Could Enhance Physical Performance

This loose leaf tea can be used to boost physical performance. Caffeine is one compound that is known to improve muscle contractions, improve sports performance, and reduce fatigue. However, yerba mate does not contain high levels of caffeine.

Those who take yerba mate should still expect improved physical performance. In a given study, a few individuals were given one gram of yerba mate each before exercise, and the result is that they burned 24% more fat compared to those who didn’t use the capsules.

  1. Might Protect Against Infections

Yerba mate might work wonders for those trying to keep infections at bay. This is because it could help stop infections from parasites, bacteria, and fungi. It is believed that high amount of yerba mate can deactivate E. coli bacteria responsible for food poisoning.

Also, according to research, yerba mate contains compounds that can protect people from intestinal parasites. However, it should be known that most of the studies were carried out in isolate cells. Thus, it is not clear whether the benefits suggested could also work for humans.

Final Thoughts

Yerba mate is not your ordinary beverage. It is unique and can be consumed in many ways. If you are going to use the tea, be sure to contact your healthcare provider since it is claimed that it might cause certain types of cancer when consumed in large amounts. If you miss your daily morning dose of yerba tea bags, you can still catch up by adding some of it in your cereals while they cook. You will still be able to enjoy some of the health benefits mentioned above.

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