6 Lifestyle Shows to Watch on BBC iPlayer in Ireland

BBC iPlayer

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) offers a video-on-demand service, i.e., BBC iPlayer. However, the streaming service is only accessible in the UK, and Irish citizens will only have access to the BBC iPlayer Ireland service through a reliable VPN.

Now that you know how to watch movies on BBC iplayer in Ireland, we bring you six lifestyle shows that will keep you entertained.

1. Your Garden Made Perfect

Steph and her two kids reside in St Annes, close to Blackpool. Steph is delighted to revamp her garden after her divorce. With the shaded outdoor region rundown, only her dumpsters receive sun. Steph wants a garden with room for parties and yoga. She selected her longtime friend Nicola to encourage her, but can she develop a garden to start her new chapter?

Award-winning landscape designers Manoj Malde and Pip Probert are helping. Manoj wants to add color and garden rooms, while Pip intends to make it a modern seaside paradise.

Both designers present their methods in virtual reality. Manoj addresses the absence of purpose, while Pip chases the sun to build light-filled spaces to enjoy 24/7. Steph and Nicola may visit both gardens in the virtual world. Which park will Steph and Nicola choose? Both are great.

2. The Travelling Auctioneers


Auction king Will Kirk, the woodworking expert, and Christina Trevanion direct their small blue van to Shropshire. They’ve been called in to assist Sue and Chris in clearing out their home before making the move of a lifetime.

Sue and Chris have chosen to move on after a decade of grieving after the untimely murder of their teenage son Matthew in 2012. So they’re leaving their rural environs for sunny climes farther south.

Christina and Will come upon some incredible artifacts, including a set of works by the renowned woodworker Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson, and they bring new life to some abandoned furniture. But it’s Matthew’s old toys that steal the show at the pop-up auction alongside the Trent and Mersey canal, with internet bidders from all around the globe spending large.

3. All That Glitters: Britain’s Next Jewellery Star

Katherine Ryan introduces a new group of skilled jewelers to the ancient Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. There, the competitors face off over some of the rarest metals and jewels known to humans to demonstrate that they have what it takes to become the next great brand in jewelry.

Jewelers on the program are charged with two real-world tasks every episode: the bestseller, in which they make the newest must-have item that everybody will want, and the bespoke, in which they build a one-of-a-kind piece for some exceptional customers from all walks of life, including a famous client who comes into the factory for a red-carpet necklace.

Two top figures in the jewelry world, Shaun Leane and Dinny Hall judge the jewelers’ work to choose who will be voted jeweler of the week and who will be sent home.

4. Glow Up Ireland

It’s fashion week in the premiere, and that’s the episode’s central focus. The ten makeup artists step foot on the challenge floor for the first time, where they will get acquainted with their equipment and the beauty station.

 After that, hosts Cathyanne McAllister, Emma O’Byrne, and Maura Higgins introduce themselves as the judges. One of Ireland’s most prominent fashion designers, Colin Horgan, will serve as the inaugural special guest judge.

The MUAs will be clothed by Colin’s new spring collection and tasked with designing a makeup look to complement it. Uniquely You is the theme for this week’s creative prompt. The makeup artists are tasked with creating a signature style to help their clients stand out.

5. Virtually Home

Two pals in Skipton, Yorkshire, ask interior expert Karen Livingstone Welstead and the virtual reality studio for assistance redesigning their difficult basement room.

These budding screenwriters each have their unique style, and both of them are competing for distinction in the industry.

 Karen has her job cut out for her in trying to come up with ideas for the basement that would appeal to both. However, if she were to immerse them in the room utilizing the most cutting-edge VR technology, they may be able to decide on which path to go.

6. Interior Design Masters With Alan Carr

Ten ambitious interior designers on the verge of going professional compete in their careers’ most challenging design test. The designers are competing to get their first formal commercial contract, which will be with the Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall.

The designers are given a new commercial requirement each week, and Michelle Ogundehin, the lead judge, evaluates their respective spaces. Matthew Williamson, a fashion designer who has now transitioned into interior design, joins Michelle.

The objective that they set for themselves was to renovate five upscale rental flats in Manchester. The designers are to collaborate to furnish either the living room or the master bedroom, in addition to a shared home office. They have just two days, 1,500 pounds, and two craftsmen to assist them in finishing the task.

Final Thoughts

This article is a sneak peek of the shows you can watch from Ireland using BBC iplayer. This streaming media is the most widely used and extensive online video service in the United Kingdom.

Even though it is a geo-restricted streaming platform available exclusively inside the United Kingdom, this is no longer a problem because you can use a trustworthy VPN service like ExpressVPN to bypass the regional restrictions. It’s easy to access BBC iPlayer in Ireland and its famous programming by just shifting your virtual location to the United Kingdom.

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