5 WordPress SEO Mistakes that You Should Avoid to Get Better Ranking

Do you have a WordPress site? Then it is important to refrain from encouraging the SEO mistakes that hold back the performance of your site to improve ranking. To boost up the visibility of your WordPress site in the SERPs, you need a good Birmingham SEO Company that won’t compromise on the SEO foundation laid out by WordPress. The real key to success with a WordPress site is the optimized SEO that most of the SEO Company Melbourne uses. Here is the list of 5 mistakes that you should not attempt:

Avoiding social metadata: 

Though you do not focus much on social media while building your SEO, however, it can be considered a major mistake if you keep avoiding the metadata of your site. Social media performs well when it comes to inviting traffic to your site. This also helps in encouraging the boost for the rankings. You need to pick the right SEO tool to enable the open graph meta data for social sites. To activate it, go to your plugin and slide to add open graph metadata to your site. It will help you to specify the media that you share with your post.

Ignoring XML Sitemap: 

An XML sitemap refers to the map to your website that uses the XML format. It is of crucial importance to submit an XML map to your site to make your WordPress experience better. You can pick a Yoast SEO plugin to create a sitemap. To enable it to click on the  SEO to go to the  XML sitemaps. Start with sliding the XML sitemap to enable it. You need to use the hyperlink to ensure the view of your sitemap. Then complete the settings by submitting them.

Wrong use of Permalinks: 

To improve your ranking, you need to ensure that your WordPress SEO is dealing with the permalinks to apply the off-page tactics. To enhance the performance of the  CTR or the click-through rate of the posts on the page, it is important to ensure that you are using the right set of Permalinks.  The chances of getting the Permalinks wrong increases when you opt for the manual setting of each of the links. Opt for automating them from the settings. Click on the Permalinks and click on the Post Name to edit the Permalinks.

Irregular rolling out of Content: 

Targeting the enhanced number of keywords with your frequently published content marks the better chances of rank building on the search engine. However, while working on WordPress, if you are not consistent with your content, then it is going to pull your SEO down, which is quite problematic to achieve a rank. All you need to do is, stay consistent and regular with your posts. In this way, you can bring more traffic to your page, which is going to ensure a better ranking of your WordPress site. Also, it is crucial to pay attention to the quality of your Content, which your readers can find useful and relevant,

Broken links: 

Broken links are quite dangerous for your WordPress site if you do not keep checking for them on a regular basis. There are possibilities for the broken links to show up if the external links keep changing. Also, it may occur if your permalinks get altered with the external links. You can easily identify the broken links and automate the system to resolve such mistakes. Fixing the broken links, thus going to help your WordPress site with better ranking and traffic drawing to the site.


To opt-out as a winner in the race, your WordPress site needs to have all errors resolved. Whether it is publishing good quality content or it is building high-quality links, all needs to be done after proper research. So make sure you are checking on resolving all the WordPress related mistakes to make your page stay at the top of the SERP.

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