5 video marketing ideas to promote your spa

5 video marketing ideas to promote your spa

For businesses that provide care services, videos are the perfect way to create more engaging marketing content. To stand out from the crowd, video marketing makes it much easier to showcase your spa’s features, ambiance and services.

Through videos, anyone browsing through your website or social media will get a good idea of what to expect and will convince them to stop by for a spectacular session at your business!

Confused about where to start your video marketing journey? Read on:

1- Showcase the atmosphere

Your spa offers a wide range of stellar relaxing services – show these to your audience through videos! You can showcase the exact vibe and atmosphere of your spa by walking people through your space, showing how you conduct services, and highlighting your top services and products along the way.

It’s a great way to rope people in and get them excited about what they can expect when they stop by your business. The best part about videos is that you can feature multiple highlights of your spa all at once.

You can make a dynamic and eye-catching video through a custom slideshow maker and display your spa’s vibe and top services in a fun way. Have a look at the following as a starting point, adding simple videos to your marketing content makes it stand out way more:


2- Upload customer testimonials

Keeping a mix of video content across your marketing is key. Having just one kind of content like offering discounts or special offers, although enticing, are not enough to retain your customers’ engagement.

In fact, your marketing content will benefit from having some of your customers leaving reviews of their experience at your spa. Other than being a relatively easy way to generate content, customer testimonials are extremely effective in convincing others to sign up for your spa as well.

Encourage customers to share their opinions on their favorite service, their thoughts on the ambience, their experience with your attendants, and more. Incentivise customers to leave a video testimonial by tagging you on Instagram or Facebook to avail a discount or an extra massage when they visit next!

3- Tips, trends, and tutorials

You’re a professional in the spa industry for a reason! Drop some of your hot tips and tricks for your followers to try out at home. Self care is a really popular genre across social media and people love to try out simple ways they can incorporate self care techniques at home.

Consider creating quick Reels or Shorts of a few tips and tutorials that people can follow at home. This is a great way to form personal connections with your audience by showing that you care about them, plus, it helps to establish you and your business as a reputable expert in the industry.

Looking for ideas for your first video? Try these:

  • Your favorite products roundup
  • Quick tutorials of your go-to makeup looks
  • Recreating a trend
  • Skincare routines
  • Holding a spa night for friends and family at home

4- Go live

Going live on your social media platforms works wonderfully to engage with users in real time. Now is the perfect time to promote your business in a more casual way. Going live on social media allows you to give more details about yourself and your spa where you can include information apart from your regular marketing content.

In fact, you can take this a step forward and collaborate with other experts in a related industry and hold more in-depth discussions on topics. For example, you can hold a live interview with a reputed masseuse and discuss common problems faced by customers and the best treatments to combat them.

Make sure you have a plan on areas to cover before going live so that you’re prepared for any and all questions that come your way from your audience. You can keep these live sessions saved on your pages that your followers can revisit or you can use the footage to edit out more bite-sized social media content.

5- Create content for different video platforms

With different video platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube Shorts and Facebook, gone are the days where one kind of content could be used for all different platforms. It’s important to have a different strategy for the different platforms since each platform has a different audience group.

For example, on Tiktok you may want to create video content that is more non-serious and resonates better with younger audience groups like following trends and taking part in viral challenges. Instagram and Facebook have more diverse audience groups so you may want to keep a mix between informational, aesthetic, and playful video content.

Sounds time consuming, right? Try out websites like PosterMyWall that have several customizable video templates for all kinds of video content for different platforms that make it much faster and easier to make high quality videos for your social media content.

Get creative!

These are only some of the ways you can create more video content to promote your spa. You can always switch things up and experiment with different types of video content and styles. Keep a track of what kind of content works best with your audience and use that information to adapt your video marketing strategy.

And… that’s a wrap. Now that you have a head start on a few video content ideas, go ahead and get behind the camera! Best of luck!

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