5 Points to Select the Best Time Tracking Software

The popular saying goes, what is measured can be improved. Employee time tracking software helps you achieve exactly that. Once you measure how time is utilized in your company, it does not only help you with payroll administration and helps identify areas of improvement. With time clocking software like clockineasy, you can leverage an easy-to-use tool to improve productivity while saving on costs.

With remote working becoming a part of the everyday normal, both employers and employees have to deal with new challenges. According to Statista, increased productivity was the main benefit of remote working, as indicated by over 50% of employers. But it also bought along with concerns over efficient time tracking. With the right employee time tracking tool, you can stay labor law compliant and compensate employees for their hard work.

5 Points to Select the Best Time Tracking Software

There are many time tracking solutions available in the marketplace today. Selecting one for your company can be a daunting task. The software should be easy to implement across the company. Employees should be able to use it comfortably. Timesheets should be easy to manage, and the cost of the software should fit within your budget.

  1. Device Flexibility

Depending on the type of business you run, your employees may be situated in a single town or have employees spread across the country. People working from remote locations or people in the construction, trade, or logistics sector, may not always have access to a desktop to clock in.

The time tracking software should offer device flexibility. Employees should be able to clock in using their mobile phones, web browsers, tablets or create timesheets manually. Depending on their job roles and work schedules, you can customize how employees can interact with the time tracking system with a device they have easy accessibility to.

  1. Time Tracking with Insights

Time tracking is at the end of the day, data you are collecting. Data collection is worthwhile only when you can make sense of it. You need to organize and study the data available for it to convert into strategic improvement processes.

Employee time tracking tools like clockineasy come integrated with instant payroll reports and DCAA-compliant audit logs. Your payroll team has access to detailed timesheets, which can be leveraged to generate payroll reports according to your company’s requirements.

  1. Ease of Use and Support

Before implementing a company-wide time tracking solution, you need to consider the implementation, training, and support effort required from your end. You might choose a great tool, but you might have a tough time training your employees and supporting their queries if it is complex to understand.

The time tracking tool you choose must be both easy to implement and to use. It should have an intuitive interface, ensuring employees do not spend more than a few seconds clocking in. Also, look for the kind of support the vendor provides. Do you get a free demo session, how is their customer service, will they support issues post-implementation?

  1. Pricing Plans

Employee time tracking is done to improve productivity and save on costs. A time tracking tool should not overwhelm your business in terms of cost. On the other hand, price should not be the only feature you should consider.

Set a budget and prioritize the features you need the most in a time tracking tool. Look for tools that provide simple, straightforward plans depending on your company’s employee strength. You can explore the tool using the trial period and, once satisfied, can go in for annual subscriptions for additional discounts. Also, verify beforehand the features you would have access to depending on your subscription plan.

    5.Scalability of the Time Tracking Software

As and when your business grows, the employee time tracking tool should be able to scale along with it. If you have expanded operations to neighboring states, the tool should be able to support employees across all offices.

The employee time tracking tool should also be able to support different industry sectors. For example, you are running a logistics business, and you want to explore the retail industry. The time tracking tool should efficiently serve its purposes, irrespective of the industry it is employed in.

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