4 Reasons Why Buy A Tudor Heritage Black Bay

If you’re new to collecting watches, chances are high that you’ve heard of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay. This product line from the company has had quite the iterations from the original Black Bay back in the day, and the latest ones still capture the original intentions and charm of the vintage releases.

Tudor, as a brand, is usually overshadowed by its big brother, the watch king Rolex. Under one umbrella, Rolex is definitely the overachiever of the two, but Tudor has always been about creating timepieces that not only appeal to affordable luxury but to supplement the need for high-end watch manufacturers without the ridiculous pricing. In this article, we are covering the bases on why you should buy, or at least consider owning a Black Bay.

It’s a great starter watch for connoisseurs

Most luxury watches start at upwards of $8,000, brand new. For those who can shell out this amount of money, the deep pockets is just the start of the journey. Setting an appointment with a local distributor, or an official store, can be difficult and tricky, not to mention the exclusivity of some watches at the upper end of the spectrum. Believe it or not, some watches have a year-long waiting period for them to be manufactured and delivered to you.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay is different. A quick search on the Internet will yield brand new and used ones that are available for the picking right this instant. For starter collectors, getting a Swiss brand is usually a great milestone – and Tudor fills that gap quite succinctly. That’s not to say that you won’t have some hurdles when sourcing out this watch, but at least you’d get it earlier when compared with the likes of Rolex and Patek.

The specs speak for themselves.

On paper, the Black Bay is a beast. Under the hood, you get a COSC caliber MT5602 movement. It’s a self-winding mechanical with an impressive 70 hours of power reserve, 200 meters of water-resistance, and a bidirectional rotor. The crown is a screw-down steel winding type, with an aluminum crown tube.

The dial, depending on the reference you’re getting, is domed to perfection, with the iconic Tudor rose engraved and lacquered. Top of the line materials was used for the finish, like scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to create a timepiece that’s as luxurious as the ones in the upper echelon of horology, but scaled down price-wise.

For the strap, you can choose among three options: a rivet stainless steel that elevates the watch for formal events, an aged leather band that reeks of subtle sophistication, and a fabric strap for the casual, everyday driver look. At 41mm, the watch certainly sticks out, and rightly so because a watch this gorgeous shouldn’t be blending in!

A timepiece that can transition well

One of the major descriptors for Tudor as a brand is that its luxury that you can afford. And while the Heritage Black Bay certainly isn’t cheap, it’s still within the affordable luxury department. A top-tier Black Bay will set you back at most $4,000, but there are dealers and retailers selling the watch at much cheaper prices.

The Tudor is excellent in transitioning well from a daily beater to a dress watch for special occasions or casual divers for a quick dip in the ocean on the weekends. The beauty of it is that the Black Bay historically has been more of a diver’s than a sports watch, so you can rest assured that it won’t flake on you in water. Word of warning though: if you are going to dive for more than 300m, get a Seamaster instead.

Quality, long-lasting materials

At the heart of Tudor’s philosophy in making timepieces is giving its customers the best timepiece for a price point that won’t break the bank. From the specs alone, any enthusiast can tell that this is a watch that didn’t have to cut corners. The Black Bay gives you the best bang for your buck with quality materials like stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and a choice of high-end straps.

Speaking of quality, Tudor, being a sister company of Rolex, shares the same meticulous processes that the king of watches implement. Finally, there is something to be said about a Swiss watch that seemingly has it all but without the astronomical pricing that the leaders in the industry impose. If you find one, then you should be all over it.


The Tudor Heritage Black Bay is arguably one of the best starter Swiss watches in the market today. It’s sleek, powerful, and is outfitted with technologies that will probably last the customer a long time.

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