3 Best GogoPDF Functions to Merge, Convert, and Compress Your PDFs

When it comes to editing or handling your PDF files, there’s no perfect platform to use than GogoPDF. This online software can easily merge, convert, and compress your PDFs without any problem. Besides those functions, you can also add a watermark, rotate, or even split your PDF files. With that, here are the best GogoPDF features you should start using.

Merge PDF

If you want to get rid of or hide tons of PDF documents from your computer or device, you can always count on the PDF merge function of GogogPDF and combine multiple PDFs into a PDF file. Additionally, you can pick the arrangement of the pages in the final output. With that said, your files will look neat and clean.

There’s no need to be unsure about the outcome of any merged document because GogoPDF guarantees excellent PDF merging results. The format, text, layout, and photos will be the same as the source file after the merging process. In addition to that, you don’t have to download any software to use GogoPDF. Just visit the website and do the combining process. Don’t wait until the hard drive memory of your computer is full; organize your documents now!

Squeeze different PDFs into one PDF document with this tool. Choose the PDF documents from your PC or drag them into the browser. After merging them, you can start downloading your file. To make everything more clear, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Choose the PDFs from your desktop and upload them into the browser. Alternatively, drag the file into the upload area.
  2. The website will start merging your documents.
  3. Wait for the merging process. It will only take a few seconds.
  4. Download the excellent quality document to your PC. You can also share the link on your online accounts.


Presentations are essential in the lives of students or business people. Students and entrepreneurs use PPT presentations to show their tasks and jobs. You can easily create a simple presentation if you use the right tool or software.  Among the programs and file formats out there, only Powerpoint suits well for a presentation. You can do many things like adding sound effects, charts, and graphics while keeping that professional look.

The only disadvantage of a PPT format is its slide file size. If you wish to send a presentation through email, you will be consuming more time uploading it. But you won’t have any problem if your presentation is in a PDF format, and this online conversion tool can help you achieve that.

It is capable of transforming PPT slides into PDFs quickly and conveniently. The conversion tool will also maintain your slide’s visual appearance. Every slide elements are the same as the original, as the formatting, text, and graphics. If you wish to experience it, try this GogoPDF feature now. Here’s how to do the straightforward process:

  1. Get your PPT slides from a computer or device, then upload them in the browser.
  2. The server will begin analyzing and converting your files.
  3. The conversion process will be over soon.
  4. Download the newly converted files on your PC or share them on other social media sites.

Compress PDF

Breaching of private information is now becoming more standard today. Things are getting worse, and we hear in the news about big-time companies being hacked every day. With this kind of problem in the digital world, it’s essential to maintain our documents’ security and privacy.

If you want to share your documents securely, you should use the PDF file format. You can easily protect a PDF by adding a password so that other unwanted people can’t access your files. If you wish to compress your PDFs into a small size, this function from GogoPDF can help you with your problem.

There are multiple advantages when shrinking a PDF file size, small size PDFs won’t consume a lot of memory space, and it’s more accessible to upload them on the web. If these things get your attention, experience them yourself. Start using this PDF compressor now and follow the simple steps below:

  1. Choose the documents from your PC or drag them into the website’s conversion area.
  2. The system will start the compression process in a while.
  3. The process will be finished soon.
  4. After the three steps, download the document to your desktop or share it somewhere.


GogoPDF is a safe and secure platform that many people use to handle their PDFs. It can easily convert, compress, and merge your PDFs in a matter of seconds. You can also use this online software through your mobile devices, computer, and more.

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