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Where there’s talk of attractive and delightful metropolitan areas, then the Cartagena city also certainly there. Therefore, this city is really a appropriate choice for people’s journeys to enable them to enjoy 15-day journeys from Cartagena. This city is really a type of attractive and luxurious vibrant colorful structures, music, scrumptious dishes, and roads within the old city walls, a place filled with enthusiasm at these 15-day journeys from Cartagena. So, why wait? Start planning now and go to the official site and obtain copa airlines reservations ahead of time to prevent greater rates at lat minutes deals. Book now and obtain to go to these awesome places and enjoy it.

Let’s observe how it might be to check out the very best day journeys from Cartagena city.

La Boquilla

Nestled between your ocean and also the marshes, La Boquilla is really a small fishing village on the highway leading north-east from Cartagena. Experiencing existence using the charming Colombian people this is actually the perfect day to possess a enjoyable journey.

These fishermen or boatmen will always be ready for any small journey to ensure that there’s no chance of difficulties for the passengers. And also the most special factor is the fact that nature could be experienced as unique here.

Playa Blanca

Cartagena includes a wide Playa Blanca like a beach that is made on sight. Here the sand has superbly spread the shore. Prepares a sizable yacht marina and a lot of cafes along with a relaxed day here. This is an excellent idea for an excursion from Cartagena. It’s also some the very best villas within the resort and Lanzarote on the Southern Tip from the Island Which is a perfect choice for anybody to obtain the most scrumptious food.

You are able to catch a ship each morning from Playa Blanca for Bazurto Market. Mostly, this forgo regarded as the easiest and quickest go-to way.

people mostly arrived at romance using the couple in frost. The climate here affects people greatly, that’s the reason this area is extremely popular.

San Basilio de Palenque

San Basilio de Palenque is really a small village. The culture of the village makes it immortal. It’s 1 hour from Cartagena. The town was among the first slave metropolitan areas in the usa. This city is much more popular for music, rituals, and customs. People listed here are very straightforward and simple.

Volcan del Totumo

This area is extremely popular because. This city arise various kinds of minerals, that are very advantageous for skin and hair.

Came from here, far away, there’s an excellent spot for health spa treatments and fun. People here expect to meeting new people.

Tierra Bomba Island

Around the coast of Cartagena may be the huge Tierra Bomba Island. El born area is regarded as an excellent spot to visit.

The populace of the place is of just about 9000 people, which welcomes visitors in the beach. The sandy white-colored beach is a fantastic way to interrupt from city existence. There are numerous kinds of restaurants here, that you simply can engage in perfectly since the dish here’s very tasty and scrumptious.

Mercado de Bazurto

Outdoors the peaceful Old City, Gulzar resides in the city of Mercado, that is Mercado de Bazurto, just fifteen minutes in the city center. Here, you will begin to consider your resident of the place because there’s many people around here.

Some resorts may also be seen here, that is fantastic, you may also make the most of them. Mercado de Bazurto The existence of Mercado de Bazurto continues extremely fast.


It is among the earliest towns around the coast of Colombia. Usiacuri is really a small village that may be arrived at from Cartagena in under two hrs.

Once we have told earlier that it is really an old village, that’s the reason its architecture continues to be well-created since the artisans listed here are very knowledgeable in craftsmanship.

Rosario Islands

Rosario Islands is extremely attractive because its view is supernatural that makes it is a well-liked place much. It’s beauty really place seeing. People come for fun after being astounded by it.

Tayrona Park

Situated a couple of hrs from Cartagena, this Tayrona Park is a superb destination for that night. This park provides the status of Unesco heritage because of its incredible natural splendor. There’s a spacious park, lush mountain tops and treasured waterfall of white-colored sandy beaches of crystalline water. You may also benefit from the magnificent cottage and forest walks here.


In the distance of the couple of hrs from Cartagena, you’ll join the shore from the town of Miami-its town of Bockgrande. Cartagena visitors due to its closeness to Cartagena you’ll always find travelers here.

Convenient restaurants and hotels for travelers can also be found. Which you’ll serve easily.

Only a couple of miles from the white-colored sand of Bokgrande is Avenida no Martin where there’s always a thrilling route to walk.


Taganga is really a small fishing town. You may enjoy this marine existence. The life-style here’s very attractive since the people here trust more harmoniously.

Water here’s very sweet and pure. This is exactly why people accustomed to place it within the first choice to roam.

Isla de San Bernardo

Its journey is three hrs from Cartagena, if you want traveling by rivers then this is an excellent option. creatures are located by the bucket load here. You may be pleased to discover their whereabouts.

people spend the night time here, where there’s a left door hostel around the stilts in the center of the ocean.

El Laguito

This area is near Bocagrande. If you want to spend time each morning then this is an excellent place since you can feel the music here. Here attracts a youthful bohemian Individuals who arrived at banks from the calm water to savor musical parties.

Playa Koralia

Found in the north of Cartagena, near Santa Marta an attractive and historic convey a Playa Koralia continues to be preserved over through the people. El born area is encircled by mountain tops. where You are able to walk between your foothills from the Sierra Nevada Mountain tops. It can make for any very enjoyable journey since it remains just a little cold which you’ll enjoy.

Colombia’s prime surf lodge

An earlier departure from Cartagena provides you with the initial pleasure of spending the night time in the Costeno Beach Surf Camp, Surf Lodge. With this particular, you are able to meet other differing people here who originate from different places.


Hopefully this web site could be more helpful for you personally because within this blog you will notice the very best day journeys from Cartagena, in which you will found the revolving places along with a good resort happen to be provided. Regardless of whether you were planning to choose an excursion with the family or buddies. Just book your arik air reservations ahead of time in order to save a lot more on flight booking. Book now and prepare for any perfect and memorable day journeys ever.

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