10 Pro Tips for Valorant You Need To Know


The gameplay of Valorant is full of agents, abilities, and features that seem daunting to beginners. To emerge as a winner in Valorant seems pretty frustrating, particularly when a player matches with other professional players. When you play Valorant, you need to be mindful that accuracy is the key and that every bullet is lethal. Again, teamwork is critical in Valorant. Following are some professional tips that give a player understanding of every intricacy to become better at this game:

Practice shooting

Practice makes a man perfect. Regardless of how repetitive it seems, you must never skip practice. Similar to other shooter games, when you play Valorant, you must acquire your aim via muscle memory, as muscle memory becomes better via regular practice. When you do a practice session, you must keep a tab on your score. Again, you need to set a self-benchmark, too, besides tracking your improvement. Every player ought to devote at least half an hour to shoot practice.

Learn several guns besides their recoil processes

Valorant has many guns, and all of them bring something exclusive to the table. Again, all guns have fixed recoil patterns too. Hence, it is vital to know them when you wish to become successful in this game. When you learn the recoil patterns, they will emerge as beneficial and make you killing machines. To play Valorant skillfully, you must get into its practice mode and examine various weapons. It won’t only assist you with recoil but will give an idea about various weapon damages.

Become acquainted with various maps

When you understand various maps in Valorant, it will augment your performance. You will come across three maps, namely; Split, Bind, and Haven, and they all possess various features. To improve your general competence, you must understand the maps. Players comprehend all the maps, and they become useful assets for every team.

Use your abilities well

Players struggle hard to use their capabilities efficiently and properly. While playing this match, every player should use his ability at opportune moments instead of spamming them unnecessarily. As Valorant is a well-known tactical shooter game, both the ability and the shooting part are vital components of this game. Most often, players remain confined to shooting in place of combining shooting with their abilities. Whenever players use their abilities well, they can become more successful compared to players who depend on their shooting capabilities only.

Trail enemy Ultimate

When players keep a watch on the abilities of their opponents, they can play Valorant well. Ultimates is hugely vital in Valorant, and when players can handle Ultimates well, they can fare well in this game. Some agents like Brimstone and Raze boast potent Ultimates, and they can change the tide of Valorant. When players watch Ultimates well, they can get a general notion of when they ought to play defensively.

Use both gun and knife for improved mobility

Switching between the gun and the knife is acknowledged as a common trait in every CS: GO game. It isn’t a showboating habit but a highly useful tactic that affects Valorant immensely. When you run with your knife, you increase your movement speed and make rotations fast. Additionally, it can also help in retreating from regrouping when the need arises. Nonetheless, players should consider switching as needed because continuous switching might give rise to unnecessary death.

Buy or rebuy shields

While playing Valorant, you will come across a couple of kinds of Shields; Heavy Shields and Light Shields. These shields provide additional health, like Heavy Shields add additional fifty health, whereas Light Shields add additional twenty-five health. Only some guns can take down an Agent having Heavy Shields using only one bullet.

You can defuse bombs halfway

You can defuse bombs halfway in Valorant, and this aspect makes this game different from other CS: GO. Many players do not use this feature as they aren’t aware of it. You need 7.5 seconds to defuse a bomb in place of doing this activity in just one go. Fake defusing happens to be an efficient way to lure out opponents who are under covers.

Utilize crouch walking or shift walking

In Valorant, the footsteps of players are audible and very clear, and to minimize the noise of these footsteps, players can opt for Crouch walk or Shift walk. However, it is not important to use any of these techniques. The good thing is both Crouch walking and Shift walking are comparatively easy processes that players can learn and pick up.

Manage your budget efficiently

Every player receives some amount of credits before every round when he plays Valorant and players use this budget for buying shields, utilities, and guns when needed. When you know when you can save credits, you can do well playing Valorant. Again, purchasing the costliest weapons in every round isn’t feasible, and most often, it leaves players disheartened. When you play this game, you must maintain team coordination as you cannot be the only player who has a potent gun, but your teammates are armed with a pistol only.

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